Music Ministry

Are you a Christian who is musically talented? Do you like to sing as a solo performer, play in a band or participate as a member of a choral group? Then music ministry might be the perfect service area, as well as prospective job opportunity for you.

Most people who enter the music ministry do so by following their interests and abilities and using them to encourage, entertain and uplift other followers. Experience or informal training helps, but many employers look for a related degree. Most faith-based colleges and universities offer degrees that prepare students for music ministry positions.

Degree programs range from a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in musical training or a Bachelor of Music Ministry degree to a Bachelor of Science in music ministry or a Master of Arts in worship and music ministry. Students gain knowledge and experience through a wide range of courses that can include church music philosophy and administration, worship design, hymnology, music history, performance arts, conducting techniques for chorales and solo and ensemble music skill development.

Graduates can use their degrees in many positions of leadership, volunteer as well as paid, in areas of Christian music ministry. Some examples within church congregations are:

Outside churches, a growing area of the music ministry lies within the Christian music industry itself. This takes many forms: Christian praise or rock bands, recording producers, Christian entertainment and individual recording artists. Employment opportunities often develop from unpaid internships with:

Follow your musical passions, practice often, pursue a degree and you might discover your life’s calling in a Christian music ministry.