Christian Ministries

What's involved in earning a Christian Ministries degree?

Enrolling to earn a Christian Ministries degree means that you plan to become a pastor, a missionary worker or leader, or an educator. Christian Ministry degrees are based in liberal arts programs with accompanying studies in human psychology, sociology, family studies, foreign languages or history.

Of course, all Christian Ministries degrees require intense study of one or both Testaments in the Bible. Most classes focus on human relations, writing and speaking, and how they all apply to some practical aspect of Christian theology.

Why should I enroll in a Christian Ministry degree program?

A good reason to obtain a Bachelor's in Christian Ministry is because you're a Christian who wants to pursue leadership roles and opportunities to serve a community at a high level, or as a missionary.

What types of people make good Christian Ministry degree program students?

The obvious answer is: a dedicated Christian who loves to work with others. It helps if you are a well-adjusted, calm thinker who can respect other cultures and ideas as equal to your own. Christian Ministry graduates will many times be asked to travel to strange places with few amenities. Therefore, people who are very self-reliant and open to new experiences tend to fare much better in Christian Ministries programs.

People who enjoy making new friends and hold a sense of responsibility about communicating their faith are also valuable to this cause. People who speak in public well and are natural leaders are also highly valued in this calling. Men and women who value the spiritual over the material world are considered prime candidates for Christian Ministry degree programs.

What does a graduate of a Christian Ministry degree program earn?

While graduates who choose to be pastors can make anywhere from $40,000 - $100,000 a year, many factors such as location and responsibilities come into play.

Missionaries make considerably less than most professions, but it's usually understood that students are committed to the cause through their faith, not because they wish to earn well or advance through a corporate system. Graduates of Christian Ministry degree programs are taken care of by their sponsor churches so they and their families are relatively comfortable and safe.